1914: Then Came Armageddon

Frankl’s Photographs: Capturing the War

Selections from the Wisconsin Historical Society exhibition, “Eduard Frankl: Picturing the Great War”

Capturing the War: Eduard Frankl

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World War I was the first conflict to be extensively captured, signaling the beginning of a digital age of war memory. This was largely bolstered by the German government, as they commissioned freelance photographers to document the German war effort. Eduard Frankl was one such photographer, shifting his newspaper photography to feature only the war effort beginning in 1914.

Frankl’s photographs of World War I are housed in the Wisconsin Historical Society, amounting to over 1,400 images, and are shown selectively here with permission from WHS. For more information and images, please visit the Wisconsin Historical Society’s exhibit: “Eduard Frankl: Picturing the Great War.”

The George L. Mosse Program in History would like to thank the Wisconsin Historical Society for its support.

Scenes of Destruction

Behind the Front: Leisure of Soldiers

Civilian Efforts

Refugees of the War

Prisoners of War

On the Move: Preparing for the Front

War on the Front