Fascist Youth Organizations

About the Images

The following citations are for the images shown above, left to right, illustrating books and other works included in the exhibit “Italian Life Under Fascism” in the Department of Special Collections in 1998.

  1. Gioventù Fascista. Rome, April 1931.
    • A propaganda magazine designed for young Fascists and featuring stories and cartoons praising the regime.
  2. Opera Nazionale Pro-Derelictis. I Figli d’Italia. July – September 1934.
    • Monthly publication on educational issues, with illustrations and advertisements. The present number touts Fascist efforts on behalf of needy mothers and children.
  3. L’Aquilone. Rome, 2 January 1938.
    • Weekly propaganda magazine for young people, intended to spark their interest in flying and to call attention to the prowess of Italian pilots.
  4. P.N.F. Gioventù Italiana del Littorio. III Campo Roma. XII Leva Fascista. 1938.
    • A special issue to commemorate the twelfth encampment of Fascist youths, 52,000 strong, from the very youngest four-and five-year-olds (the Figli della Lupa) to the Fascisti Universitari. The issue includes many photographs of Mussolini and famous quotations.
  5. Corriere della Sera. Milan, 27 May 1940.
    • This issue of the Corriere, one of Italy’s leading dailies, reports another “grandiose” spectacle in the Duce’s honor, featuring young Fascist gymnasts and the quasi-military Balilla. The leader himself entered the arena to a clamor of trumpets; the “manifestation” was also attended by ambassadors of the Axis powers.
  6. La Marcia della Giovinezza. 15 October 1940.
    • Published four months after Italy’s entry into the war on the side of Germany, this photographic documentary with captions in several languages glorifies the martial spirit and physical prowess of Italian youth. Note the line of young men waiting calmly in turn to leap over the wall of fixed bayonets.
  7. P.N.F. Gioventù Italiana del Littorio. Certificate. Rome, 5 December 1942.
    • Document decorated with many Fascist symbols, promoting a member of the Fascist youth organization Balilla to captain of his “squadron” for his act of bravery, a vain attempt to rescue a drowning companion. Exhibited with it is a membership card in the group for the year 1935, when the bearer was only five years old.

Additional Exhibit Items

The following items were part of the original exhibit in the Department of Special Collections but are not pictured above.

  • P.N.F. Fasci Giovanili di Combattimento. Ordinamento e Norme Per il Loro Funzionamento. Rome: Stabilimento Tipografico, 1932.
    • Booklet of bylaws and regulations for the younger aspirants to Fascist Party membership, specifying uniform, conduct, and relationship to other Fascist organizations.
  • Mario Avondo. Manuale per il Giovane Contadino delle Zone Collinari Piemontesi e Lombarde. Rome: Libreria del Littorio, n.d.
    • The Fascist regime entered into nearly every aspect of Italian life, as suggested by this agricultural manual for young farmers working small properties in the hill country of Piedmont and Lombardy.