Archiving Censorship in Latin America

A Peek into Book Banning and State Repression
(1959 – 1986)

Book banning has been inextricably woven into the history of print culture worldwide. This exhibit offers a glimpse into three Latin American countries where government officials deemed certain presses, authors, and cultural works as political threats during the twentieth century. Read more about this exhibit.

Argentina (1976 – 1983)

Between 1976 and 1983 Argentina underwent a military dictatorship, that began with the leadership of Jorge Rafael Videla…

Brasil (1964 – 1985)

During the civil-military dictatorship in Brazil, the level of control over the production of magazines, newspapers, and books varied…

Cuba (1959 – 1975)

The Cuban Revolution sparked a transnational debate on the political roles of literature and intellectuals in the context of social change…

Featured Banned Books

Within this section, you will discover a highlighted banned book representing each country, accompanied by a concise history and an English translation of the first two paragraphs of the respective work.


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